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Friday, February 16, 2007

Ten Brothers

Credits to Tvb Square


Frankie Lam-Chan Dai Ha
Kenix Kwok-Gei Hau Yee
Lai Lok Yi-Ah Dai-1st Brother
Lam Yuen Ying-Ah Yee-2nd Brother
Jack Wu-Ah Sam-3rd Brother
Don Li-Ah Sei-4th Brother
Law Kwun Fung-Ah Ng-5th Brother
Kwok Jing-Ah Lok-6th Brother
Matt Yeung Ming-Ah Chut-7th Brother
Cheung Ji Hin-Ah Bat-8th Brother
Ip Wai-Ah Gao-9th Brother
Wong Ping Hei-Ah Sap-10th Brother
Leila Tong-Hong Siu Lan
Nancy Wu-Yuen Tung Tung
Ellesmere Choi-Chow Ka Lai
Liu Kai Chi-Man Sai Hung

Comments: I think this series was rather nice and funny. Especially the ten brothers who are mostly young, inexperienced actors. I would still have preffered that they injected more humour in the series though!


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