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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passion(Costumes)

In this series, there are lots of outfit changes from the main and supporting characters.Mainly, we will see colour changes.

Charmaine: Her outfits all look the same but in many different colours: pink, blue, yellow, orange.. However, i love the yellow the most, she looks soo good in it!

Sonija: I like her outfit as a whole, but i don't like the back, there is something attatched to it and feels too much extra. Sonija also had some scenes when she is wearing that red Mongolian outfit, i don't really like that outift.

Sharon: Her outfits have so many colour changes. The red one in the beginning looks like a net, her blue is my favourite.

Derek: His hairstyles fit his outfit perfectly.

Raymond: His outfit looks normal. I like the blue one the most, and his mongolian outfits looks strange on him.

Bosco: His outfits look too simple because he is really por at the beginning. I still like his Korean outfit the most.

Power: His outfits did not change much, i like his smoking pipe.

Finally i want to mention Raymond looks hot in purple. Bosco looks strange in the battle outfit, however comparing to those other battle outfits Bosco looks the best!

Comments: I really loved this series!


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