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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Barbara Yung

Although Barbara Yung has died a long time ago,people will still remember her.
The pictures were when she was younger.One is in BattleField and one is with Wong Yit Fa in The Conquerour Heroes, i think,i'm not too sure....
Yung Mei Ling will always be remembered in our hearts....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bosco and Myolie MV-scenes of Wars Of In Laws


(i have done this sooo much!sorry bout this!)

Wars Of In Laws-TVB Theme song

Bosco and Myolie look sooo cute together!

Yummy Yummy Episode 7


Theme Video Of Land Of Wealth

Hope you guys will enjoy it!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


These 2 pics are of Tavia Yeung filmed in Land Of Wealth.
She looks cute with her hair like that.
Has anyone watched this before?Can't wait to watch this!!! **

Land Of Wealth

Cast List
Moses Chan
Sonija Kwok
Steven Ma-Cheung Sung Man
Tavia Yeung-Kiu Jun
Lai Lok Yi
Rebee'a Yeung
John Chiang
Chong King Fei
Chan Hung Lit
Rebecca Chan
Claire Yiu
Kenny Wong
Stephen Wong Chung Heng
Erica Yuen
Akina Hong
Chen Ho Wei
Rossana Lui
Fong So Po
Cheung Mei Nie
Kwok Fung
Anita Chan
Loh Lok Lam
Lai Po Tek
Lee Ka Ting
Lai Suen
Wong Ka Lok

Can't wait to watch this!