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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Legend Of Love

Main Characters:

Deric Wan
Sonija Kwok
Leila Tong
Stephen Au

The Story

Well, the first two episodes are about how Deric and Sonija falling in love.In episode 3 until the 8th, Deric lost his memory and Sonija tries so hard to regain his memory. After that, Stephen got his evil heart, then the story changed all of a sudden... later half of the story is all about how Stephen tries to break Deric and Sonija apart.

Deric's Performances
I don't know what happened to his acting skills. His performances in this series is really disappointing from the start. there is nothing he did that maked me appreciate his performance.Sorry to the Deric fans...

Love factor]
Stephen Au
Even though he is the major factor for the change of the storyline, but it is not his fault. His performance in this series is not only wonderful but SUPER. At the beginning he does not have any feelings, because originally he does not have heart. Then, he gets a heart, but that heart turned out to be evil, there is a good him and a bad him live within his heart. However, the evil one takes control and he completely changed...Towards the end, he got his evil heart out, and changed back to good...anyways he is the character with the most interesting twists, and many changes...

Leila Tong
For some reasons, i begin to like her more and more, her acting skills get better and better...In this series she play the bird, who falling in love with Stephen, this love connection makes her sacrificed so many things, including her own sweet...Even though you might dislike her when she betray Sonija because of her love for Stephen, but you will forgive her, because of her love, which makes Stephen back to a good guy.

Comments: This series wasn't that too bad. But if you are a Stephen or Leila fan, you might LOVE this series!!!


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